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After his enlightenment, the Buddha wanted to teach the monks what he had discovered and completed. Very often, the monks fought them. The Buddha frequently asked them to stop, but, and this is human nature, they did not listen.

One day, Buddha decided to isolate the jungle to meditate. King of the Nagas living in a lake, ready to where the Buddha meditated. He would have liked to hear him preach and teach every day.

The Naga was very interested in the teachings of Buddha as well as the means to attain enlightenment. One day the storm roared and torrential rain fell upon the jungle for seven days. The Buddha was in deep meditation and completely cut off from the world.

The lake swelled dangerously and were about to engulf the Buddha. The Naga out of the water and pulled the Buddha of the lake, and with its seven heads, sheltered from the rain. When it stopped raining, the Naga turned himself into a young man.

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