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thai culture

Gestures or mudras, some of which can only be achieved in a specific body position, each have a special meaning.

Codified in Buddhist and strictly adhered to by the image-makers guns, they can recognize the moments the most important in the life of Buddha.

The Buddha is never represented the clasped hands in a gesture of prayer, adoration or wai (Thai wai is a verb which means to greet or tribute and that translates into everyday life by the gesture of greeting, . both hands clasped in front of the face)

the Buddha Man ??Eminent Blessed: it honors nor ask anyone. Also note that unlike idols Brahman, it is always represented as a normal human being, two arms and two legs. "Has no attribute, except on rare occasions. Meanings of mudras described below apply to the historical Buddha Theravada and iconography.

Transcendent Buddha Mahayana have characteristics, too many to list here. Mudras, they are associated with a representation of the Buddha sitting or standing have the same meaning. The images of Dvaravati, perhaps because of significant penchant for carvers of the time symmetry, have the rare distinction of representing the Buddha making the same gesture with both hands.

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The Mudras