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He asked the Buddha how to become a monk. The Buddha knew that this young man was not a human and that could become monk. He then told him to go into meditation and achieve by himself to enlightenment.

What he managed to get a day. Now I will show you how the Naga is present in the Thai culture. In ancient times, there was no school in Thailand.

The only place to acquire knowledge was the Temple. Becoming a monk is an important step in the life of a child. Thus, the human being, ignoring (khon dip) matures (khon suk), and wild, it becomes civilized, ready for adulthood, marriage and procreation.

For the initiation ceremony, wearing a white robe called "Nak" in Thai, which means Naga. The ceremony is to "call the vital spirits" subject to ". Regenerate." Thais believe that if a young man does not know, he looks like a Naga (p. Naga "purified").

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