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thai culture

Accompanying the expansion of Hinduism in Southeast Asia, these traditions reached the Khmer Empire, then Thailand, first the kingdom of the Mon Haripunchai then those of Lanna and Sukhothai.

the King Pra Ruang wanted to create a Thai version of the Hindu festival and organized a competition of "Floating Lanterns" during the 12th night of the full moon.

Naang Noppamart used his talents to make a beautiful boat, using a banana trunk as float and banana leaves to decorate shaped lotus leaves. His creation won the competition and the king decreed that henceforth referred to this Kratong originally Khamot, serve as a model for this new thai ceremony Lights or Loy Kratong.

Naang Noppamart became the king's favorite. To his credit include the Tumrub Thao Srichulaluck an autobiographical account of the history and progress of the ceremony of the 12th lunar month, or Loy Krathong. Legend or reality? Who knows? However, the history of Naang Noppamart adds a charming touch to the festivities of Loy Krathong and so far the one that wins the beauty contest Loy Kratong received the title of "Queen Naang Noppamart."

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