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Vitarka mundras (preaching) Vitarka means to increase or expose. The right forearm is bent, the hand is made with the palm facing forward and fingers up slightly but ployees, the thumb and index finger or ring finger joined

In a seated position, the left hand rests on the knee, palm facing up or take the pan of the garment. In a standing position, the left hand is usually's skirt.

Thai variant: when the gesture is performed with both hands, the image represents the descent of Buddha from heaven Tavatimsa. The two arms are not necessarily raised to the same height and the fingers are either tense up slightly ployees.

Dharmachakra Mudra (SET IN MOTION THE WHEEL OF THE ACT). Dharma means the law, Chakra means wheel. This symbolizes the first sermon, delivered at Sarnath, where the Buddha set in motion the Wheel of Law. Both hands are brought to the chest, thumb and forefinger of each hand form two circles that touch or overlap, the palm of the left hand facing the body, showing that the truths are derived from a internal research, the palm of the right hand is facing forward, these same truths being transmitted to others. This mudra is rarely used in Thailand and is characteristic of Indian and Indonesian Art

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